Minnesota inspired bundles are here!

This is so much fun!

Emily and I have always talked about the day we would open a quilt store, both of us love fabric and the quilts we have been making. Imagine the fun we have been having selecting fabrics and patterns to offer you. Every delivery is like Christmas all over again, FedEx and UPS showing up on a regular basis leaving more boxes of beautiful fabrics. Opening the boxes and sorting the fabric, this, of course, requires unwrapping each bolt and checking out the texture. Only those of us that sew would truly appreciate that moment. The fun continues as we look at the fabric lines and the patterns we offer to make suggestions for kits. This charming quilt is pieced with Moda's Enchanted by Gingiber, you can find this on the Enchanted page. I hope you enjoy piecing this quilt as much as I did, Happy quilting!


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