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Binding, by hand or machine?

I have been binding quilts for longer than I care to admit. I dabbled in completing the task by machine and found that I am not good at stitching in the ditch or lining the backing up correctly to have a nice finished edge. So back to hand binding, this has been a lesson in the patience of me. Several years back I entered a finished project in the MN State Fair. The judges were kind in their compliments until it came to my binding - yikes! They were thoughtful enough to tell me where I went wrong and what I needed to improve on. As is often the case I took this far to personal and was on a quest to improve, the first person I turned to was my daughter, she can blind stitch like no other. Her advice: always tuck your thread under the binding, bring it up from behind into the binding tunnel and do it again and again or bring your quilt to me to finish. She also told me that if you properly bind, you should be able to bind any quilt with red thread and no one will know the difference. Keeping this all in mind I slowed down and practiced until I got it right. I know that I most likely will not go back to machine binding as I have found that I enjoy binding by hand.


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