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Let us introduce you to Amanda from QuiltCakes!

We would love to introduce you to Amanda, the designer behind Quiltcakes. Emily and I have had the opportunity to work with Amanda on a few of her most recent projects and boy has this been fun! I had a chance to connect with her and would like share a few fun and unexpected surprises!

Tell us a little bit about how you got started in quilting:

My first bit of crafting was creating clothes for my kewpie doll in my grandparents' RV. I used paper towels and scotch tape to make dresses, headbands and shoes. I can crochet, cross stitch, embroider and of course quilt. I'm not so hot with any other crafts. I've been quilting for about 11 years and have now released 3 patterns.

How about a little about you?

I graduated high school in Okinawa, Japan and have moved 13 times in 33 tears. I love classic rock, it is hands down the best genre to be listened to. It's always on in in our house. I can rap Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice a cappella, it's a great party trick!

I once refused to eat a cheeseburger for a computer (this was back in the early 00's when my parents tried to bribe me, I now LOVE cheeseburgers) And then there's Ice Cream, my favorite is mint chocolate chip but it has to be the bright green kind or I swear it doesn't taste the same.


Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Since the pandemic hit we purchased home gym equipment and I've been a garage gym rat. I set a personal best of one rep on the bench at 80 pounds. I've worked in a Dairy Queen, a quilt shop, as a legal assistant, a community college, and a chamber of commerce. Now I'm a full-time domestic engineer (I heard this watching reruns of supermarket sweep and it is the most hilarious title ever), mom and quilter in my spare time.


Amanda has a genuine talent for quilting and is just one of the kindest people around! You have to check out her Instagram page and Etsy shop and of course pick up one of her patterns and bundles!

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